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The Mind of the Artist

Interview/presentation series April 16 - May 21,2015
Tom Herbert
Tom Herbert grew up in Arizona and doesn't want to live anywhere else. His family actually came to western New Mexico and then to eastern Arizona in the 1890's. His art degrees are from Northern Arizona University. Tom spent 31 years teaching at Cortez High School. He credits his teaching experience for forming the background for the art he produces. Having to teach various disciplines throughout his career gave impetus to creating in those mediums in his own art. Sculpture occupied a large part of his output for 25 years but as he taught the two dimensional mediums of painting, printmaking and graphic arts, more and more of his work changed to the flat surface but sculpture made its influence felt in the way Tom handled form in his paintings.
He belongs to four critique groups and is a member of Arizona Artists Guild, Arizona Watercolor Association, the San Diego Watercolor Society and the Arizona Contemporary Watercolorists. He has been an exhibit chair for many of the groups and installs art shows for Glendale Community College. Over the years he has been exceedingly generous in giving of his art to groups to help raise money for worthy causes, most recently the Mountain Home Air Base to help families of airmen who are overseas.
Sometimes he begins his paintings with a preconceived idea, but more often than not, he lays down a mono print (a pressing of a painted design from one surface to another) and then finds pertinent and interesting shapes to emphasize and alter as he sees fit. He uses Createx Pure Pigment water media that adds a luminous, ethereal and transparent feeling to his compositions. The result is a series of highly innovative and original expressions creating for Tom Herbert a special place in the Pantheon of Arizona Artists.