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Pancrazi And Jones

October 22
Peoria City Hall Art Gallery - 5:00 pm
Pete Pancrazi has studied and performed music for most of his life. He graduated from the Berklee College of Music with a Bachelor of music degree in jazz performance. Being named by Downbeat Magazine as "one to watch" and a guitar player "deserving greater attention" is no surprise to those who have heard him perform.
Pete has been "one to watch" in the Phoenix area since taking up residence here in 1990. Through the years, he has cultivated a large and loyal following. Audiences enjoy his nimble guitar work and warm vocals in settings ranging from solo performances at venues in the Phoenix/Scottsdale area to the complexity of his quartet at the Desert Botanical Gardens jazz series. Pete continues to delight audiences with a growing repertoire of original compositions, presented in performance alongside straight-ahead and Latin jazz sounds. He has released four CDs to date and looks forward to his next recording project.
In addition to being a popular performer, Pete is also a sought-after private teacher and clinician. He's been an artist roster member for the Arizona Commission on the Arts for 10 years and is currently on staff at Mesa Community College, where he teaches jazz theory, jazz combo and guitar.
October 29
Peoria City Hall Art Gallery - 5:00 pm
Jeremy Jones was one of 12 architects to receive the Arizona Architect Medal in 2008. He is director of design at DWL Architects & Planners Inc. and also serves as vice chairman of the Scottsdale Development Review Board. He was one of the primary architects of the Mesa Arts Center. He also designed the Appaloosa Library, under construction in Scottsdale, and the West Branch Library, scheduled to be built in Glendale.
Since 1995, Jeremy has been a design team member for many of the architectural projects for DWL Architects + Planners, Inc. including several college campuses and buildings, the Mesa Arts Center, the Arizona History and Archives Building, the Appaloosa Library in Scottsdale and the White Tank Library and Nature Center. The two libraries have won a total of 16 design awards so far. The White Tank Library was the third Library in the United States to receive a LEED Platinum environmental rating. Over his career, Jeremy has worked on about 400 projects.
Many forms of art have been important to Jeremy since he was very young. He drew constantly during school regardless of what the rest of the class was doing but took no art courses until college because he was planning to be an aeronautical engineer. He took several art courses at the University of Washington and frequently sold his artwork in local galleries. Through a busy career, there has been little time for painting and drawing although he has accumulated 85 sketchbooks full of travel and family sketches and design ideas. Until recently, most work has been illustration, including scientific illustration and architectural renderings of most of his projects, although many are started by computer now.
In the last few years, most of Jeremy's paintings have been watercolors that try to show what is important to observe or feel about a setting or person. In one painting, he built a scale model of the “Beagle”, the boat that Darwin traveled on in his voyage of discovery. The model was then used to create a viewpoint for a painting of the boat in a storm. Other paintings are from travels to Europe, Africa, China, Peru and much of the United States, particularly the Oregon Coast.