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The Mind of the Artist

Interview/presentation series April 16 - May 21,2015
Hank Keneally
Hank Keneally's career spans three disciplines: music, photography and visual art. Hank grew up in a musical family and was playing the piano at age 4, was studying trombone at 11 and attended ASU on a music scholarship. At 22, he began his formal study of photography with Jack Stuler at ASU. He met Frederick Sommer at age 32 and under Sommer's influence; he began to push the edges of photography into modernist art.
Needing to improve his technique and at the suggestion of his wife Mac, Hank read the passages in the early Ansel Adams photographic technique over and over until he understood them. He studied art and aesthetics, then physics, absorbing it all until it was an integral part of his being.
Studies in psychology led to a career side path in private counseling with his wife. During that period his commitment to art deepened and he began to apply that interest in the human psyche to Expressionist Portraiture. When computers entered his life he began to combine painting, digital imagery and photography into his own unique brand of art.
Due to an equipment glitch, there is no video recording of Hank's interview, however, we do have a transcript; Click Here.